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We are IT consultants with extensive experience in the transfer of Legacy projects into a modern, CI-based working mode. This is done, for example, through analysis and reduction of technical and professional dependencies.

Dr. Daniel Pozzi

Dr. Daniel Pozzi

Process Automation • Software Architecture • Technical Project Management • Development
As a trained scientist, I try to maintain an overview and to establish connections between things, and ultimately also to question things.
Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Molitor

Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Molitor

Software Architecture • Quality Assurance • Clean Code • Development
What I enjoy most are software solutions that are still being used successfully for years. To achieve this, I rely on clean modeling and evolutionary architectures that grow with changing requirements.
Dr. Jan Philipp Gölz

Dr. Jan Philipp Gölz

Development • Clean Code • Quality Assurance
Through my experience as a doctor of chemistry, it is in my nature to get to the bottom of things. Understanding and solving complex problems is therefore not just a job for me, but my passion.
Dr. Michelle Fernandez Bieber

Dr. Michelle Fernandez Bieber

DevOps • Software Architecture • Development
I love to design software and the setup around it so that a team can work efficiently on the development and thus quickly create value for the customer. I also enjoy imparting knowledge, so that I enjoy going to meetups and conferences and also support new colleagues to get them started. In addition, I combine my passion for software development with my background in synthetic organic chemistry and with my professional experience in the registration, classification and approval of chemicals.
Marvin Schöning

Marvin Schöning

Development • Quality Assurance • Clean Code
I love to develop sustainable code, which can be easily adapted and extended even after years of use. For this purpose a clean, structured approach to development and documentation is essential for me.

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Our roles vary from software development and project management to architecture management. We are strong in clean code in Java and PHP, microservice landscapes and single sign-on solutions.

Test Driven Continuous Integration Clean Code Refactoring Spring Boot 2 Java TypeScript PHP

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Apache Ansible Camel distributed tracing Docker Git GitLab gradle GRPC RabbitMQ HAProxy Hibernate JavaScript Jaeger Jenkins JUnit Kafka Keycloak Liquibase Maven Microservices Mockito MySQL Neo4J nginx OAuth PHP7 PostgreSQL R Rancher REST Solr/Lucene Scrum SOAP SSO SAML traefik Prometheus Varnish Webservices

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